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Church Access Guide

Notes for Church Authorities, Architects, Building Control Departments and Contractors.
This Church Access Guide has been prepared by people experienced in coping with disabilities, architects, occupational therapists, building control officers and churches which have made provision for members with disabilities.

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Fly Fishing Leaflet

Angling is a most popular sport and becoming increasingly so among the able bodied members of our society. It is, regrettably, a sport that is largely denied to those with disabilities due to the lack of appropriate facilities. Facilities which could easily be provided thereby enabling the sport to be enjoyed by those in our community who have special needs. The William Keown Trust is actively encouraging Local Authorities, Angling Clubs and Tourist Boards to meet the needs of those with disabilities so that this popular sport may be enjoyed by all.

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Built Environment Access Notes

These notes are intended as an aid to designers to satisfy the basic design needs of those with disabilities. It is not an exhaustive treatment of the subject but is meant to be a simple, easily understood guide which the Trust hopes will be widely used to improve design and thereby enhance dignified access to the built environment for those with disabilities

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About us

Over the last 35 years the William Keown Trust has grown into a thriving proactive and authoritative voice for people with disabilities in Northern Ireland.
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